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How to deal with social security after leaving the original unit?
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Ms. Gong: What should I do after I leave the company? If the new company does not help the Social Security to pay it by itself, how should it defend its rights?

The Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security replied that according to Article 58 of the "Social Insurance Law of the People's Republic of China": The employer shall apply for social insurance registration for its employees to the social insurance agency within 30 days from the date of employment. If the social insurance registration has not been completed, the social insurance agency shall approve the social insurance premiums to be paid.

If the employer has an illegal act, you can reflect it through the following channels: 1. By dialing 12333 to No. 5 key labor protection supervision and report complaints; 2. through Jiangsu Province ’s human resources and social security network to report complaints platform ; 3. Reflected through the window of the labor security supervision agency where the labor is located.

It should be noted that: Article 20 of the Labor Security Supervision Regulations: Violations of labor security laws, regulations or rules have not been discovered by the labor security administrative department within two years, nor have they been reported or complained. Check again. The time limit stipulated in the preceding paragraph shall be calculated from the date of violation of labor security laws, regulations or rules; if the violation of labor security laws, rules or regulations is continuous or continued, it shall be calculated from the end date.

If you need personal insurance, please consult the insurance place 12333. (December 9, 2019)

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