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The operating conditions of small and micro enterprises in the service industry improved in the third quarter
Date: 2019-12-09 09:36 Source: Provincial Statistics Bureau Views: Times Font: [ Large Middle Small ]

The sample survey results of small and micro enterprises in the service industry in the province show that the subjective feelings of enterprises in the third quarter improved compared with the previous quarter.

In the third quarter of this year, among the effective sample companies in the province's small and micro-service industries, the proportion of companies that reflected good operating conditions was 17.7%, an increase of 0.5 percentage point from the previous quarter; the proportion of companies that reflected stable business conditions reached 69.8%, unchanged from the previous quarter. 87.5% of the companies 'operating conditions remained sound and stable, indicating that the subjective feelings of enterprises' comprehensive operations in the third quarter improved.

From the perspective of various industries, the operating conditions of emerging industries are relatively good. The survey shows that companies with good operating conditions in the science and technology promotion and application service industry, professional technical service industry, culture and art industry account for a relatively high proportion of 30.0%, 28.2%, and 28.0%, respectively.

In the third quarter, small and micro enterprises in the service industry expected that the proportion of enterprises whose operating conditions were "optimistic" or "general" in the next quarter would reach 88.7%, an increase of 0.7 percentage point from the second quarter, indicating an increase in confidence in future operating conditions.

Note: The scope of small and micro enterprises in the service industry includes transportation, storage and postal services, information transmission, software and information technology services, and real estate (excluding Real estate development and operation), leasing and business services, scientific research and technical services, water conservancy, environment and public facilities management, education, health and social work; annual operating income is less than 5 million yuan, and the number of employees at the end of the period is less than 50 Human resident services, repairs and other service industries, cultural, sports and entertainment legal entities. It does not include legal entities in the financial industry, wholesale and retail industry, accommodation and catering industry, and real estate development and operation.

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