Feedback on survey results of Changzhou urban and rural residents' medical satisfaction
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In recent years, Changzhou has taken the opportunity to deepen the reform of the medical and health system, vigorously promote the construction of medical consortia and county medical communities, accelerate the improvement of the universal medical insurance system, and continuously improve the "Internet + medical health" service system. In order to further understand the situation of urban and rural residents seeking medical treatment, this questionnaire survey is specially launched. The survey period is from November 06, 2019 to December 06, 2019. The feedback of the survey report is as follows:

First, the basic situation of online survey

1. Your gender: multiple choice questions

80% male

20% of women

2. Your age: multiple choice questions

0% under 18

18-35 years old account for 33.33%

36-59 years old accounted for 66.67%

0% at age 60 and above

3. Your educational level: multiple choice questions

0% of junior high school and below

Technical secondary school and high school accounted for 6.67%

College accounted for 13.33%

80% undergraduate and above

4. Your occupation: multiple choice questions

0% of students

6.67% freelancers

Institutions and institutions accounted for 26.67%

Enterprises and services accounted for 66.67%

5. In the past year, your frequency of medical treatment is:

0-3 times accounted for 53.33%

40% 4-6 times

7-9 times accounted for 0%

Greater than or equal to 10 times 6.67%

6. When you need medical treatment, your preferred hospital is:

Township hospitals, community health service centers account for 40%

County-level hospitals account for 6.67%

Municipal hospitals account for 53.33%

Provincial hospitals account for 0%

7. In general, what factors will affect your choice of medical treatment?

Disease size accounts for 26.67%

40% away from home

比例占6.67% Medical expenses and reimbursement ratio accounted for 6.67%

Medical environment (inpatient environment, service attitude of medical staff, etc.) accounted for 26.67%

8. In general, the registered methods you use are: Multiple choice questions

0% by phone appointment

Public account appointments account for 0%

Mobile app appointments account for 33.33%

Hospital official website appointments account for 13.33%

Line up at the scene accounted for 53.33%

9. Each time you see a doctor, your waiting time is about:

0-30 minutes account for 13.33%

46.67% in 30-60 minutes

40% in 1-2 hours

0% for more than 2 hours

10. Are you satisfied with your previous medical experience? Multiple choice

Very satisfied 0%

Basic satisfaction accounts for 53.33%

Not satisfied with 40%

Not satisfied 6.67%

11. Have you experienced related services of “Internet + Medical Health”? Multiple choice

Is 26.67%

No. 73.33%

12. Generally, your purpose of using "Internet + Medical Health" is: multiple choice questions

60% by appointment

Query doctor information accounted for 6.67%

Query inspection reports accounted for 6.67%

Consultation of illness and online consultation accounted for 26.67%

0% of online drug purchases

13. In your opinion, what convenience has the advent of "Internet + medical health" brought us? Multiple choice questions

Online consultation at any time to improve medical efficiency and reduce waiting time by 60%

Relieve the contradiction of uneven distribution of medical resources, and improve the level of telemedicine services in communities and township hospitals accounting for 66.67%

Establish a long-term connection with the visiting doctor to facilitate patient consultation and hospital follow-up 40%

Multi-angle publicity of health care knowledge, guidance of scientific and rational medical treatment, and a healthy lifestyle accounted for 26.67 percent

14. Which of the following measures can improve the quality of medical services in Changzhou? Multiple choice questions

Strengthen the construction of hospital infrastructure, and moderately expand medical rooms and inpatient beds to account for 86.67%

Promote appointment consultation services to achieve accurate appointments, further shortening the waiting time for appointment patients accounting for 86.67%

Improving the ability of medical staff to communicate with patients, and strengthening the supervision and assessment of service attitudes of medical staff accounted for 73.33%

Promote the development of the "Internet + Medical Health" service system, and expand the coverage and depth of telemedicine accounted for 53.33%

Analysis of survey results

比例会影响到就医选择;53.33%的参与者还是选择现场排队挂号,33.33%的参与者选择手机app预约挂号,13.33%的参与者选择医院官网预约挂号;每次就医时,参与者等候就诊的时间都在2小时以内;有6.67%的参与者就之前的就医经历不满意;73.33%的参与者没有体验过“互联网+医疗健康”的相关服务; The survey results show that 80% of the participants are male and 20% are female; aged 18-59; 80% of the participants have a bachelor degree or above; 66.67% of the participants' occupations are business and service industries; In terms of the frequency of medical treatment, in the past year, 93.33% of the participants had 0-6 medical visits, and 6.67% of the participants had 10 or more medical visits. When medical treatment was needed, the hospitals preferred by the participants were township health centers, Community health service centers and municipal hospitals; usually, the size of the disease, the distance from home, the medical environment (hospital environment, medical staff service attitude, etc.) will affect the participants' medical choices, only 6.67% of participants believe that medical expenses and reimbursement The proportion will affect the choice of medical treatment; 53.33% of participants still choose to register on the spot, 33.33% of participants choose to register on the mobile app, and 13.33% of participants choose to register for registration on the official website of the hospital; each time they seek treatment, the participants wait for treatment The time is less than 2 hours; 6.67% of the participants are dissatisfied with their previous medical experience; 73.33% of the participants have not experienced the related services of “Internet + Medical Health”; Participants' use of "Internet + medical health" is mainly to make an appointment for registration, consultation about illness, and online medical consultation; participants believe that the advent of "Internet + medical health" facilitates the convenience of online consultation at any time to improve medical treatment. Efficiency, shorten waiting time, alleviate the contradiction of uneven distribution of medical resources, improve the level of telemedicine services in communities and township hospitals, establish long-term contact with doctors, facilitate patient consultation and hospital follow-up, and carry out medical knowledge from multiple perspectives Publicize, guide scientific and reasonable medical treatment, and popularize a healthy lifestyle.

3. Suggestions

According to the needs of participants: 1. The construction of hospital infrastructure can be increased, and medical rooms and inpatient beds can be expanded appropriately. 2. Advance appointment appointment services can be made to further shorten the waiting time for appointment patients. 3. In terms of measures to improve the quality of medical services, it is possible to improve the ability of medical staff to communicate with patients and strengthen the supervision and assessment of the attitude of medical staff. 4. Promote the development of "Internet medical health" service system, and expand the coverage and service depth of telemedicine.

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