Public Announcement on the Implementation of the "Taizhou Urban Governance Measures"
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According to the "Regulations of the State Council on the Procedures for the Formulation of Regulations" on the requirements of post-legislative assessment of the implementation of the regulations, the implementation of the "Taizhou Urban Governance Measures" (City Government Order No. 4) was evaluated. All sectors of society are invited to conduct an objective evaluation of the document from the aspects of its implementation effect, social response, and major problems. In particular, it can conduct appropriate analysis and research on problems arising during implementation. Establish supporting systems to provide practical evidence.

You can submit relevant comments and suggestions by mail, fax or email before December 30, 2019.

Correspondence address: Administrative Regulations Division of the Judicial Bureau of Taizhou City, Fax: 0523-86197862, Email:

Special announcement

Attachment: Taizhou Urban Governance Measures (City Government Order No. 4) .doc

Taizhou Justice Bureau

December 1, 2019

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