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title It is recommended to clear the wall climbing tiger on the pier to ensure the safety of the bridge structure
Submission date 2019-10-11 14:41:49

The letter reflects that some of the bridge piers are covered with wall climbing tigers. As the roots of the creepers will secrete acidic substances to corrode the bridge piers and affect the safety of the bridge structure, it is recommended that the relevant departments clear them in time.

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Reply Date 2019-11-16 14:41:49
Reply unit Department of Transportation of Jiangsu Province
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The phenomenon of creepers covering the bridge piers is mostly urban viaducts, and highway bridges generally have similar phenomena. Because urban bridges are distributed in urban centers, some urban garden departments may deploy some creepers and other plants from the perspective of landscape and cooling. With the increase of people's understanding of bridge safety operation and protection, custody units are now gradually required to remove the creepers. However, the creepers have strong vitality, strong adaptability to the environment, and it is difficult to cure in the short term. The inspection and maintenance unit will conduct regular clearance inspections of key departments to ensure the safety of the bridge structure.

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