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Our province appraised the first batch of "professional" local talents in China
Date: 2019-12-30 07:40 Source: Xinhua Daily Views: Times Font: [ Large Middle Small ]

On December 29, the first batch of 135 local talents from the 884 applicants finally passed the expert review of senior and regular senior village revitalization technicians. After the public announcement, they will also officially become the first batch of “professional” local talents in China.

Talent is the key to rural development. Zhu Congming, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Affairs, said that Jiangsu has a large number of local talents. According to preliminary statistics, there are 49 categories of 337 local talents in the province and nearly 10 million employees. They are walking in the fields and active in various fields. Industry is the "golden seed" that develops the "grassroots economy" and the "leader goose" that drives the masses to become rich. In November of this year, Jiangsu took the lead in the country to explicitly add a local talent specialty to the engineering series, and stepped into the senior level, which is divided into four levels: junior, intermediate, deputy senior, and senior. The corresponding name is Assistant Rural Revitalization Artist. , Rural revitalization artist, senior rural revitalization artist, or senior rural revitalization artist.

The evaluation targets of local talents are mainly applicable to three types of personnel: one is technical skills, including soil experts, skilled artisans, and folk artists engaged in technical skills; the other is technology application and promotion, including in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, aquaculture, Experts in agricultural product processing, agricultural professional technical services, agricultural technology promotion and other industries; Third, they are experts in operation, including leaders of rural professional cooperatives, family farmers, and engaged in agricultural and sideline product processing and transportation, agricultural and sideline product sales, and rural areas. Planning and management, tourism and leisure agriculture, rural ecological tourism, rural e-commerce, and other new agricultural-related personnel.

Sun Hongwu, the first director of the Local Talents Professional Title Evaluation Committee and deputy director of the Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, introduced that the first senior professional title review object was mainly from those who already have a professional title in the field of local industry. Different from the evaluation of professional titles, the evaluation of professional titles for local talents has eliminated "educational qualifications", "qualifications only" and "thesis-only", focusing on the ideological quality, social benefits, economic benefits, technical level, driving ability and public recognition of the applicants. When it started, it also emphasized the social benefits of the applicants' participation in the industry, and the leadership of the inheritance of skills, the development of the industry, and the ability of the masses to get rich. For example, a reporter with a positive senior title published a lot of papers in domestic and foreign journals, and personally received some significant awards in the industry, but he did not show anything in the "three belts", and the review vote did not pass.

Fan Zefeng, a master of ceramic arts who applied for a positive title and head of Yixing Aiyi Art Ceramics Co., Ltd., said that Jiangsu has a special professional title in terms of local talents, indicating that it attaches more importance to rural revitalization and local talents. As a local talent, we must not only take root in the countryside, but also revitalize the countryside. We must not only work hard to lead the inheritance of skills, but also contribute to the development of strong industries and the prosperity of the masses. Those who have obtained the titles of local talents can be given priority in technical training, scientific lectures, and field trips. Those who have obtained senior titles can also be included in talent projects such as “Jiangsu Province Outstanding Contribution Middle-aged and Young Experts”, “Jiangsu Skills Award” and “Top Ten Farmers”. These opportunities and honors will promote the reputation of local talents and promote the development of the industry.

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