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Why are some of the same types of medicines produced by different pharmaceutical companies available?
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Ms. Liu: Different pharmacies have the same type of medicines, and they often buy them from different manufacturers. Some manufacturers' medicines can be covered by medical insurance.

The Provincial Medical Security Bureau replied that only the generic names and dosage forms are listed in the medical insurance drug list issued by the state, and no specific manufacturing enterprises are involved. When implementing the national drug list, it is necessary to establish a medical insurance drug list database and maintain it dynamically. As long as the common name and dosage form are in the list, relevant companies can voluntarily maintain declarations, maintain their drug name, specifications and other information into the drug list database and participate in insurance When patients use it, health insurance can be paid as required. If the relevant company does not declare maintenance, its products are not in the medical insurance drug catalog, and medical insurance will not pay. In addition, pharmacies choose which companies to produce and sell drugs, which is their own market behavior, and the medical insurance department does not have corresponding management authority. (December 23, 2019)

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