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title Consulting Jiangsu 4K STB promotion and popularization
Submission date 2019-11-13 15:19:15

Letter to inquire about the popularization of Jiangsu wired 4K set-top boxes.

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Reply Date 2019-12-19 15:19:15
Reply unit Jiangsu Radio and Television Bureau
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4K set-top boxes have been sold in some cities in Jiangsu Province. In August this year, the new 4K Ultra HD Full Netcom set-top box has also been tested and will be sold throughout the province. The new 4K ultra high-definition set-top box has 4K, high-definition TV live broadcast, Internet video on demand, artificial intelligence voice control, video calling, push-to-screen and other functions. CCTV 4K channel will also land in the province. As long as there is a Jiangsu wired 4K set-top box and the TV supports 4K functions, users can enjoy 4K high-definition programs.

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