Feedback Report of the Suzhou Civil Air Defense Society Questionnaire
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I. Investigation background

Civil air defense is an important part of national defense and an important aspect of national economic and social development. In an effort to create a new situation in the high-quality development of Suzhou's civil air defense, from November 8 to November 23, 2019, Suzhou City conducted a questionnaire survey on the "Civil Air Defense Construction in Suzhou".


Your occupation:

A. Public officials (23.07%)

B. Community residents (15.38%)

C. Property management personnel (0.0%)

D. Students (0.0%)

E. Others (61.55%)

1. Do you know the "Civil Air Defense Department"?

A. Understanding (17.94%)

B. Basic understanding (58.99%)

C. Do n’t know (23.07%)

2. Can you understand the three types of anti-air raid alarm signals: "pre-alarm, air raid, and alarm cancellation" prescribed by the state?

A. Know (28.20%)

B. Basic understanding (30.76%)

C. Don't know (41.04%)

3. What are the main responsibilities of the civil air defense department you know? (Multiple choice)

A. Construction of air defense facilities (19.20%)

B. Organization evacuation and concealment (20.33%)

C. Eliminating the consequences of air strikes (19.20%)

D. Organizing air defense drills (19.77%)

E. Popularization of civil defense knowledge (21.50%)

4. What do you think are the benefits of civil air defense construction? (Multiple choice)

A. Combat Readiness Efficiency (19.12%)

B. Protection of people's lives and property (21.34%)

C. Economic benefits (16.93%)

D. Convenient parking (13.11%)

E. Social benefits (19.12%)

F. Solving employment (10.38%)

5. Do you know if there is any civil air defense project within the bus stop of the residence or surrounding area? How many civil air defense projects are there?

A. Know (38.47%)

B. Basic understanding (33.33%)

C. Do n’t know (28.20%)

6. In your opinion, what form should the civil air defense engineering parking spaces usually use?

A. Purchase (15.38%)

B. Long-term lease (7.69%)

C. Short-term turnover lease (76.93%)

7. Do you know that civil defense parking spaces in residential residential areas are not allowed to be sold (bonused) or rented for a long time?

A. Know (53.86%)

B. Basic understanding (10.25%)

C. Do n’t know (35.89%)

8. How do you think the civil air defense projects around you are usually managed and used?

A. Better (23.07%)

B. General (74.37%)

C. Poor (2.56%)

9. Do you think the markings of civil air defense engineering are clear?

A. Very clear (17.94%)

B. Clear (51.30%)

C. Unclear (30.76%)

10. Do you know the equipment and functions of civil defense engineering in residential quarters?

A. Understanding (12.82%)

B. Basic understanding (56.42%)

C. Do n’t know (30.76%)

11. Do you think it is more reasonable to own the property rights of civil defense projects in residential quarters?

A. Country (71.80%)

B. Purchasers (0.0%)

C. All owners (28.20%)

D. Developers (0.0%)

12. Have you participated in air defense evacuation drills organized by your city, unit or residential area?

A. Yes (15.38%)

B, No (84.62%)

13. Do you support the construction of civil air defense projects around your city and residence? Even the construction period will have a little impact on your life.

A. Support (97.43%)

B. It doesn't matter (2.57%)

C. Not supported (0.0%)

14. What are your opinions and suggestions on civil air defense propaganda and education?

Organize more training and education.

Investigation and analysis

In this online survey, the occupations of respondents were mainly other occupations, accounting for 61.53%, followed by public officials and community residents.

The survey statistics show that the interviewees basically know more about the civil air defense department, and are aware that parking spaces for civil air defense projects should be used in short-term revolving leases. "There is a certain understanding of the three air defense warning signs. Most of the interviewees have a basic understanding of the civil air defense projects, the civil air defense project identification marks, the civil air defense project property rights, and the civil air defense engineering equipment and functions within the residential area or surrounding area. At the same time, most of the interviewees stated that they had not participated in air defense evacuation drills organized by their cities, units or residential areas.

The survey shows that more and more citizens are paying attention to, supporting and participating in civil air defense. At the same time, some citizens will not distinguish between air defense warning signals and lack of understanding of civil air defense engineering functions, which also reflects the need to further strengthen the popularization of civil air defense knowledge, further improve the work methods of civil air defense, and strive to let more citizens understand the air defense, Supporting civil air defense and participating in civil air defense has made people's air defense work accessible to millions of households and integrated into the entire process of urban development.

Fourth, countermeasures

Combined with the investigation, in the next step, Suzhou will focus on task traction, pay close attention to capacity building, adhere to innovation-driven, focus on integrated development, promote high-quality and high-efficiency development of Suzhou ’s civil defense construction, and practically create an indestructible "shield for protecting the people."

The first is to deepen civil air defense education. Further promote the work of civil air defense propaganda and education in institutions, schools, enterprises, communities, and the media. Incorporate civil air defense education into the national education, national defense education, and social public safety education system, and actively promote the integration of civil air defense education into the training courses of party schools and administrative colleges. Strengthen the construction of civil defense propaganda positions and give full play to the propaganda experience function of the mission hall; rely on mainstream media, online platforms, grass-roots propaganda positions, and new media such as mobile apps, Weibo, and WeChat to carry out civil defense knowledge promotion, expand the coverage of civil defense propaganda and education, and continuously improve Civil defense social influence.

The second is to pay close attention to preparations for the air-raid struggle. Fully seize the timing of the "9.18" alarm trial, etc., vigorously carry out mass air defense and disaster prevention exercises by dividing phases, highlighting priorities, and gradually upgrading, and focus on improving the organization through command, coordination, combat methods, and support. Command, coordinated support and emergency rescue capabilities.

The third is to deeply integrate into the economic and social development system. Deepen the concept of integrated development, seize favorable opportunities such as urban underground corridors, 5G communications, sponge city construction, and the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta. Adopt integrated, embedded, and synchronous development methods to advance and take advantage of the situation to promote civil defense. Deep integration into the economic and social development system.

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