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How are the validity and renewal periods of driver's licenses specified?
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Mr. Jin: I am 61 years old. I heard that the driving license is only valid for 71 years old. Is it true?

The Provincial Public Security Department replied that the validity period of the driver's license is located on the left side of the photo at the bottom of the front page of the driver's license, and it should be renewed within 90 days before the validity period.

According to the newly adopted Order No. 139 of the Ministry of Public Security on April 1, 2016, "Provisions for the Application and Use of Motor Vehicle Driver's Licenses," Article 72: Motor vehicle drivers aged 70 or older shall undergo a physical examination once a year. Within 30 days after the end of the scoring cycle, submit a certificate on physical conditions issued by a medical institution at or above the county or army level. (December 18, 2019)

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