The index number 014000319 / 2019-00277 Classification Government documents, other talent work decisions
Release agency People's Government of Jiangsu Province Post date 2019-11-24
Title Provincial Government's Decision to Commend Jiangsu's Advanced Individuals Returning from Study in 2019
Document number Su Zhengfa (2019) No. 71 Subject word
Content Overview Provincial Government's Decision to Commend Jiangsu's Advanced Individuals Returning from Study in 2019

Provincial government praises Jiangsu in 2019

The decision of an advanced individual to return to study abroad

(Su Zhengfa [2019] No. 71)

Municipal, county (city, district) people's governments, provincial commissions, offices and bureaus, and provincial direct units:

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that studying abroad is a valuable asset of the party and the people and a living force to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. In recent years, the majority of returnees studying abroad in our province adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics, conscientiously implement the new development concept, actively participate in reform and opening up and socialist modernization construction, work hard, overcome difficulties, and climb the peak. A number of outstanding representatives have emerged, which have made important contributions to the scientific and technological progress and economic and social development of the province. In order to commend the advanced and set a typical example, and to better create a social atmosphere that respects labor, knowledge, talent, and creativity, the provincial people's government decided to award Wan Xiangang and other 10 people with the title of "Advanced Individuals Returning from Jiangsu Province".

It is hoped that the advanced individuals who have been returned to study abroad will cherish the honor and make persistent efforts to strive for greater progress. The vast number of returnees studying abroad in the province must learn from the advanced, forge ahead, and work hard to show their talents, exert their advantages, and serve the society in the tide of innovation and entrepreneurship in the new era. All localities and departments must fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, guided by Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, centering on the modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities, and the implementation of talents from the Central and Provincial Committees and Provincial Government Various deployments of work, deepening the reform of the talent development system and mechanism, implementing a more open and inclusive talent policy, attracting more high-level overseas talents, inspiring the national sentiment, hard work and creative vitality of returning overseas students to promote the high-quality development of the province. In the forefront, the construction of a "strong, rich, beautiful and high" new Jiangsu has made greater contributions.

Attachment: List of Jiangsu's Advanced Individuals Studying in China in 2019

People's Government of Jiangsu Province

November 24, 2019

(This is publicly available)


List of advanced individuals who returned to study in Jiangsu in 2019

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Wan Xiangang Nanjing University

Kong Xiangqing Nanjing Medical University

Wang Chunxiang, Jiangsu Kangwei Century Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Shi Weili Wuxi Dike Electronic Materials Co., Ltd.

Yang Jian Nanjing University of Science and Technology

Li Yanjun Nanjing Forestry University

Chen Minhua Suzhou Jingyun Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

Chen Xin Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Chen Suning First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University

Zhou Jun Nanjing Mulei Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

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