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What is the identification standard for overloaded vehicles that are prohibited from entering the highway?
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Mr. Dai: Can overloaded vehicles go at high speed?

The Provincial Public Security Department's reply: The Provincial Public Security Department's Traffic Police Corps, the Provincial Transportation Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Supervision Bureau, and Jiangsu Traffic Control Operation Safety Division jointly issued a document on October 30, 2019 Notice on Centralized Rectification of Overloaded and Overloaded Vehicles ", the implementation of entrance refusal from November 4, 2019.

GB1589-2016 "Exterior Dimensions, Axle Loads and Mass Limits of Automobiles, Trailers and Automobile Trains" stipulates:

The maximum allowable total mass value (unit: t) of a four-axle vehicle (excluding dump trucks) must not exceed 5 times the value (unit: m) of the distance from its front axle to its last axle;

For a four-axle automobile train (center-axle trailer train) consisting of a three-axle truck and a one-axle trailer, the maximum allowable mass limit is 35 tons (25 tons + 10 tons);

32 tons of twin-axle four-axle trucks with twin tires on each axle and air suspension on each axle;

The maximum allowable total mass limit for four-axle automobile trains is 36 tons. (December 13, 2019)

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