Announcement on Public Solicitation of "Administrative Measures for Urban Water Supply in Taizhou City (Consultation Draft)"
Date: 2019-12-11 17:07 Source: Taizhou Government Office Views: Times Font: [ Large Middle Small ]

According to the relevant provisions of the "National Water-Saving Cities Assessment Standards", "Regulations on Urban Water Supply", "Regulations on Management of Urban and Rural Water Supply in Jiangsu Province" and "Water Supply Contracts for Residents of Jiangsu Province (Model Text)", the actual situation of Taizhou City and the review by the Municipal Judicial Bureau Comments, the Municipal Housing and Urban Construction Bureau has re-drafted the "Taizhou Urban Water Supply Management Measures (Draft for Soliciting Opinions)", which is now published for public consultation. Comments and suggestions from all walks of life are welcome for further improvement.

The public comment period is from December 11, 2019 to January 11, 2020. People from all walks of life can use the letter, fax or web mail to provide feedback.

Please send the letter to: Urban Construction Office of Taizhou Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau

Fax to: 0523-86898701


Attachment: Taizhou Urban Water Supply Management Measures (Consultation Draft) .docx

Taizhou Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau

December 11, 2019

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