Feedback on the Results of Public Solicitation of "Announcement on Soliciting Proposals for Changzhou Municipal People's Government to Formulate Projects in 2020"
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In order to do a good job in the regulation and legislative work of the Changzhou People's Government in 2020, and to enhance the scientific and democratic nature of the annual legislative plan, Changzhou organized a public announcement on the "Announcement on Soliciting Proposals for the Development of Changzhou People's Government's Rules and Regulations in 2020". Comments and suggestions from all walks of life. The explanation of the opinions solicited is as follows:

I. Scope of comments

The public comment was made public through the websites of provincial and municipal people's governments. It started on September 24 and ended on October 31, 2019, and collected public opinions and suggestions.

Suggestions and Feedback

During the solicitation period, we received suggestions from the majority of Internet users by phone or email. The summary is as follows:

1. It is recommended to strengthen the penalties in environmental protection legislation.

2. It is suggested to pay attention to adapt to the current economic development in the legislation of historical and cultural protection.

3. Response measures

In addition to soliciting opinions online, Changzhou Judicial Bureau will solicit relevant regulations and project proposals from various municipal departments, legislative contacts, grass-roots judicial offices, and law firms. The opinions and suggestions collected are being further demonstrated. In the next step, the Changzhou Judiciary Bureau will consider the specific opinions and suggestions, consider them one by one, carefully study them, fully absorb the reasonable parts, and further do a good job of compiling the "Changzhou People's Government Regulation Development Project 2020".

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